What is a BIT Inspection?

In 1988 The California Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act, commonly referred to as the Biennial Inspection of Terminals (BIT) Program, was enacted by the California Legislature in an effort to reduce the number of truck-related accidents on California’s highways. The intent of BIT program is to ensure that every truck terminal throughout the state is inspected by the California Highway Patrol on a regular basis. Terminal inspections have been conducted by the CHP since 1965 as a tool to determine if motor carriers are complying with Motor Carrier Safety regulations specifically in regard to the legal requirements to maintain commercial motor vehicles according to a scheduled maintenance (preventative maintenance) program.

Motor carriers who operate under the BIT program are required to have each regulated vehicle inspected within 90 day intervals or sooner to ensure safe operation. Inspections must be documented and inspection reports must be kept for at least two years. There can be fines if the inspections are not performed or are not completed within the 90 day period.

Who qualifies as a “motor carrier”?

Go to http://www.chp.ca.gov/publications/pdf/chp800h.pdf to see if you are required to participate in the BIT program.

Superior Equipment Repair can ensure that you are compliant with the BIT program. We can perform 90 day inspections at our truck shop in Newcastle, California or our mobile mechanics can perform the 90 day inspections at your location. Give us a call to set up a time that is convenient to you.

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